Doctors, Healers, Alchemists, Quacks.

September 10, 2019

August 29, 2019

How long and what can I check out from Miner?

• Book/Theses — 3 months 

• Course Reserve Material — 2 hours*

• Graphic Medicine Collection — 3 weeks

• Laptop, iPad, Charging Unit/Power Supply, Headphones — 6 hours**

*Course reserve material checked out less than 2 hours prior to the Library closing are due back no later than fifteen minutes before close. Some course reserve materials may have a longer loan period, if requested by instructor. 

**Equipment checked out or renewed less than 6 hours prior to the Library closing are due back no later than one hour before close.

Note: Bound journals do not circulate outside the Library.

Do you have computers and where are they?

We have computers available for use and also laptops to borrow. If you have questions please see our friendly staff at the Answer Desk. The Computing Center also has software available for your use. 

Log in with your AD, which is your email login, not your email address. The Computer Center is closed on weekends. 

Am I able to print at Miner?

Printing costs are .10 cents for Black and White and .25 cents for color. Copy cards are available for purchase for $5 if needed. 

Mobile printing: You will need to register your email address before you can print. 

I need an article but the library doesn’t have full text access!

You are in luck!  If we don’t have access to an article, we will reach out to other libraries to get you your articles for FREE. You will need to create an Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) account and then you’re ready to request your articles. 

How do I find articles, books, journals, and more?

The search tabs on the Miner homepage provide focused searches to get you the information you need. This Search Guide will provide more information about how the tabs function and how to navigate your search results  

Stuck and still cannot find what you’re looking for?  Or, do you need an in-depth, comprehensive search? Contact your librarian using our Ask A Librarian service.

Can I access these books and articles when I’m home?

It’s easy! Simply start on the Miner web page. Select the resource you want to use (just click it) and you will be prompted to log in using your NetID or URMC-SH (Active Directory) account information. 

*visiting students may not have access to library resources from home* 

Can I bring food and drink to the library?

You sure can. We know that you work hard and snacks are necessary to keep you going. You are welcome to bring in your own food and drink, but we also have vending machines available in the library.  

Are there quiet places to work?

Miner has something for everyone. We offer collaborative spaces to work together, the quiet reading room, and private study rooms. 

Can I reserve a study room?

You can reserve a study room here:

Select the “Book a Room” option and you can select a time and date that works best for you.

Have more questions?

You can reach out to us through our chat service, Ask A Librarian, or stopping by the Answer Desk in the library. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Miner Library Presents: August High Noon!

July 29, 2019

Library Changes Ahead

July 15, 2019

The University of Rochester Libraries will be upgrading our current library system, Voyager, which powers the “Library Catalog” tab on the library website. When we first implemented Voyager in 1996, it represented state of the art technology. Now, it is an aging platform that is no longer being updated by the vendor and cannot handle a significant portion of the data that modern research libraries work with today.

The shift to a new system is essential: Voyager, our current catalog system, is now twenty-two years old and is no longer updated by the vendor. In order to continue to serve the University of Rochester, we must upgrade this critical system. 

Before the end of this month, we will introduce a new set of tools to search for library materials. New, but not so new to us; the software that powers the current “Articles and Books” tab on the library website will be used as the foundation for our new library search interface.

Please rest assured that connecting our community with library materials is indeed the primary purpose of our search systems. While some elements of search will be different in any new system because of the evolution of search technologies and tools over the last twenty-two years, the core principles, connecting library patrons to the resources available to them, remain the same.  

Our choice of systems is not unique: in selecting these tools, we are joining the likes of Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Case Western, Boston University, Princeton, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Toronto, Northwestern, Yale, Rutgers, Temple, UC Davis, Irvine, Riverside, and Santa Barbara, University of Pennsylvania, and many others. We are lucky to have many peers and colleagues to connect with to help us build a great search system for the University of Rochester Libraries, and we are excited to do so. 

One thing to note is that any current links you may have to books that come from Voyager (library catalog) will need to be updated after the new system is implemented. These links will start with ‘catalog.lib’ or you may notice they direct you to Voyager (library catalog). The process of updating links cannot be completed until the new system is in place. We will communicate to you once that happens. You can view screenshots of where you can locate these new links:

We have also created a guide to help you learn all the exciting new features of this system which will be located in the Subject Guide section of the Miner Library website once our new system goes live. On here you can learn more about the tools within our new search system that will help you discover the results you need.

If you have any questions please reach out to us. We want to ensure that you feel supported through this transition and we are happy to help and provide answers you may have about this. 


Miner Library 

Upcoming Classes by Miner Library

July 3, 2019

Classes at Miner Library

Here are the classes offered by Miner Library for the upcoming month:

For a full list of Miner Library’s classes, visit our Classes page.

Have a question? Contact Miner Library’s Answer Desk @ 585-275-3361.

New York State Parks

June 28, 2019
Letchworth State Park, the Grand Canyon of the East

Did you know that the Monroe County Libraries offer Empire Passes? These passes get you access to the wonderful and magnificent parks around New York State for free. That includes parks like Letchworth.

Take a look at some of the State Park information below. New York is a big state with a lot of cool places and things to see!

New York State Parks

Finger Lakes Region State Parks

49 New York State Parks Within a 2-hour Drive of Rochester

Follow on Twitter for more information @NYstateparks

Summer Reading 2019

June 21, 2019

Miner Library has a small browsing collection that everyone is welcome to, well, browse. In case you are in the market to read something beyond this small shelf, we thought we would put together a list. Since many other places do this, we decided to point you all to several suggested reading lists.

New York Times Summer Reading

“Dive in! Here are 75 of the latest and greatest books to keep you company as temperatures climb and days grow long.”

NPR’s Code Switch Book Club, Summer 2019

So, Fam: We asked you to suggest good summer reads, and boy, did you respond! Big thanks to everyone who sent thoughts on books we need to get to.”

The Washington Post’s The 20 Books to Read This Summer

“A look at the novels and nonfiction worthy of your precious suitcase space.”

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday

“Need summer book recommendations? From new novels, to classics, to nonfiction, here are our suggestions.”

NPR’s Librarian Nancy Pearl Picks 7 Books For Summer Reading

“Seattle librarian Nancy Pearl shares her under-the-radar reading recommendations with Morning Edition’s Steve Inskeep. This year’s picks include mysteries, nonfiction and a fantasy story for young readers.”

The Mental Floss Summer Reading List: 27 Books to Read in Summer 2019

“With summer officially upon us, the Mental Floss team—like so many of our readers—has got books on the brain. Nothing completes a lazy summer day in the sun or week spent on the beach quite like a great book. And while the term “beach read” often brings images of fluffy fiction to mind, it doesn’t have to be that way.”

O Magazine’s 28 of the Best Beach Reads of 2019

“Whether you’ll be lounging at the beach or poolside during your next vacation, you’ll need a good book to keep you company. From contemporary romances like The Wedding Party and When We Left Cuba to young adult novels like Elizabeth Acevedo’s With the Fire on High to non-fiction works like Rachel Hollis’s engrossing self-help guide, here are some of the best beach reads of the year—including a few recommendations from Goodreads—that are perfect for relaxing on a warm summer night.”

Esquire’s Escape the Heat With the Best Books of Summer 2019

From transformative novels to true crime and enlightening non-fiction, here’s what you should read in the months ahead.

Harper’s Bazaar’s The 17 Best Summer Reads of 2019

“Whether you’re into linguistics, historical fiction, or family sagas that span countries, there’s a title that’s tailor-made for your beach bag.”

Elle’s The 30 Best Books to Read This Summer

“Swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Three books, because you couldn’t choose just one? Check. From multi-generational fiction that plumbs emotional depths to thrillers that will slot perfectly into a beach bag, here are the 30 books to put on your summer reading list.”

Refinery29’s The Hottest Beach Reads Of Summer 2019

“Ah, the summer beach read. It’s a classic literary sub-genre, a category typically made up of books written by and for women — books labelled with the dreaded “chick lit” tag. They’re usually light, breezy, and full of romance. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I read those books year-round. I’m a firm believer that a stereotypical “summer beach read” should be enjoyed any time, and that they have the potential to be as smart, funny, and page-turning as any other book. That said, sometimes on a hot summer day, all you want to do is curl up on a dock or lay out on a towel in the sand with a book that makes you feel good, makes you laugh, or makes you want to fall in love, or a book that’s so thrilling not even the call of the ocean or a calm lake could make you put it down.”

Vox’s The 10 most anticipated books of the summer, according to Goodreads

“New York showgirls and murderous smart homes: your summer reading, chosen by Goodreads.”

While not an exhaustive list, this should give you some great ideas. If they’re bad, we’re sorry. Remember, we didn’t create the lists, just passed the suggestions along. Happy reading!