Changes Coming to UR Research


UR Research will be migrating to a new software platform on August 8th, 2009. There may be some intermittent disruption in service over the weekend of August 8th and 9th.

The site will look somewhat different, and will offer a number of new and useful features:

 – Ability to browse a list of all items in the repository, or in a particular collection

 – Faceted search results, to help you quickly hone in on the items of interest

 – Author’s names now link to a display of all works by that person in the repository, with download counts

The URL ( will remain the same. Any bookmarks made using handles (e.g., will still work.

If you add content to the repository, you will find additional improvements such as the ability to upload multiple files at once, to set the order of the files in a multiple-file record, to specify additional contributor types, and more.

 If you are simply a subscriber to one or more of our collections, you will continue to receive the daily e-mail notices as usual. Note that the daily digests of new materials will be halted for the week preceding the launch, and will resume the week after.  When you visit the site to download a file, it will look somewhat different, but the functionality will be the same.

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