Your input requested: 2010 Journal Cancellations

Faced with a 5% cut in our materials budget as part of the Medical Center’s cost cutting initiative, we’re implementing a journal cancellation project; and we need your input.

 Based on expected journal price increases of 5 – 8%, we anticipate that 2010 journal subscription costs will need to cut by nearly $120,000.  We have already identified savings of $18,000 through the cancellation of print journal subscriptions.  To realize the additional $102,000 savings it will be necessary to cancel subscriptions to online journals.

Visit Miner’s 2010 Journal Cancellation web site to review the list of possible journal cancellations alphabetically or by specialty and to learn how you can send us feedback.  Journals were selected as possible candidates for cancellation based on their overall usage and cost-per- article downloaded. 

 We value your opinion and encourage you to send us comments that might justify the retention of specific journals or help us identify which journals are not as important as others.

One Response to Your input requested: 2010 Journal Cancellations

  1. Kevin Fiscella says:

    Please do not cancel the following journals:

    1) Journal of Health and Social Behavior – this is the leading journal on this topic and I look at other issues. The course in Commununity & Preventive Medicine relies on this journal

    2) British Journal of General Practice. This is a leading primary care journal – it complements US journals very nicely. I read every issue.

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