PubSearchPlus for iPhone & iPod Touch

PubSearchPlusPubSearchPlus is an app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch that will  search PubMed and return citations formatted for your device. What’s even better is that it will retrieve electronic full text when available — IF you have set it up to work with Miner Library’s resources. How do you do that? You need to set up the appropriate EZProxy information. Here’s how:

Use the URL that appears below, but insert your urmc-sh username and password in the appropriate places:

Please be sure to use the https (in place of the usual http) for a more secure transfer of your username and password.

Please also keep in mind that this will maintain your URMC-SH credentials in clear text (on the iPhone inside PubSearchPlus settings).  If your phone is ever lost or compromised, be sure to change your password immediately.

If you have questions, contact Miner Library’s Computing Center Help Desk at 275-6865.

2 Responses to PubSearchPlus for iPhone & iPod Touch

  1. Mantra says:

    Thanks for the EZproxy setup. This is great info

  2. chris says:

    This works for Papers for mac, iphone and ipad as well!

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