ILLiad receipts coming your way!

We need to fess up. We’ve been causing some departments a big headache by not providing invoices or receipts for some library transactions. In fact, one of our customers recently reminded us that “Each charge has to have documentation – even the measliest amount – or [I] will go to Federal prison.” 


So what are we  going to do?

Well, starting in November, if you pay for a transaction in ILLiad with a grant or account number, you will receive a paper copy of the invoice. Please remember to give the invoice (or “back-up documentation” as we say in finance lingo) to your department administrator or accountant…whomever tracks how the money is spent. It will make him/her very happy (as opposed to things like audits, which make him/her very unhappy)!    

Questions? Contact Stacey Ragone, Circulation Services Manager.
(585) 275-3390

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