Are  you concerned about the safety and security of all those add ons and apps you’re downloading? Well, I am.

And lucky for us, the Center for Internet and Society (CIS) at Stanford Law School (a part of Law, Science and Technology Program at Stanford) is concerned, too; and they’re doing something about it.

Let me introduce you to WhatApp.

“The goal of the WhatApp project is to establish an online resource where experts and other users can assess, discuss, and rate the privacy and security of mobile and Internet-enabled applications. Now in Beta, the website combines traditional consumer reporting and review tools with wikis and news feeds to allow users to make informed choices about the applications they download.”

The WhatApp site goes on to say, “We want WhatApp to be a useful tool for both savvy Internet experts and novices to pool resources and share insights about the privacy features of a wide variety of applications, including Facebook and iPhone Apps, office suites, online maps, toolbars, and media players.”

Whew! That covers a log of ground. (Glad I didn’t have to figure out how to say all that.)

Ryan Calo (Residential Fellow, Stanford Center for Internet and Society) reports in his blog that they now have “over 20 registered and approved experts from a wide variety of sectors, including privacy compliance, law, and computer science. Many (many) people have signed up, left comments, edited wikis, or suggested apps to review for privacy, security, and openness…If you have comments or questions, please email whatapp@law.stanford.edu. It’s a work in progress and we need your help.”

So there you go… Stanford needs our help.  Cool!

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