WISER: New app for emergency responders

WISERThe National Library of Medicine’s Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER), is a mobile system designed to assist first responders in hazardous material incidents. And now it’s gone even more mobile. WISER is now available as an app for the iPhone and the iTouch.  And a Blackberry version is coming soon, according to the National Library of Medicine. And it’s FREE!

Why do I care? What can WISER do for me?

WISER provides first responders with critical information in the palms of their hands, including:

♦ Access to over 440 substances from NLM’s Hazardous Substances Data Bank;

♦ Rapid access to the most important information about a hazardous substance by an intelligent synopsis engine and display called “Key Info”;

♦ Radiological support, including radioisotope substance data, tools, and reference materials;

♦ Biological support, including biological agent data, tools, and reference materials;

♦ General tools, including an electronic version of the Dept of Transportation’s (DOT) Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG); and

♦ An intuitive, simple, and logical user interface developed by working with experienced first responders.

If you haven’t looked at WISER, you might want to. And now, it’s as easy as pulling out your iPhone or your iTouch. Don’t have an iPhone or an iTouch? Don’t despair – you can get all these features – and MORE – from the web version of WISER.

Be wise. Try WISER.

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