Blackboard down 8/12-15; new version launches on 8/16

Blackboard LearnThe Blackboard online learning system will not be available for four days starting Thursday, August 12. During this time, we’ll be working through the final steps of a highly anticipated upgrade.

Then, on Monday, August 16 (drum roll, please), we’ll launch Blackboard Learn™.

What are some of the changes you can expect? The new release includes:

♦ New Web 2.0 navigation capabilities, including enhanced keyboard navigation, contextual drop down menus, drag and drop re-ordering; and fewer clicks to get things done;

♦ Plus some completely new capabilities related to assignments and group tools;

♦ And a redesigned notifications system that will show you what new items have been added to a course, due dates for assignments and many more features

You might like to watch this brief video tutorial (4:43) we created, “What’s new in Blackboard version 9?”

We’re really looking forward to this upgrade because we think this new version of Blackboard will make life a lot easier for you, our customers.  Let us know what you think!

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