Your Input Requested: 2011 Journal Cancellations

Faced with a flat budget and an anticipated 6% increase in journal subscription costs, Miner Library will need to cut $27,000 from its 2011 journal expenditures.  We have already identified savings of $9900 through the cancellation of print journal subscriptions.  To realize the additional $17,100 savings it will be necessary to cancel subscriptions to online journals. 

The titles of journals being considered for cancellation are listed below.  Journals were selected as possible candidates for cancellation based on their overall usage, cost-per-article downloaded, and an analysis of other journals Miner provides in the same field. 

In most cases University of Rochester users will continue to have access to past issues of cancelled journals.   Copies of articles published after 2010 can be ordered through Miner’s ILLiad system for a small charge.  Articles ordered through ILLiad are usually delivered within 48 hours. 

We value your opinion and encourage you to send us comments that might justify the retention of specific journals.  You can send comments to this News post or to Michele Shipley, Assistant Director of Digital & Branch Libraries (

Journal Title Avg. # Full Text Articles Downloaded (2008/2009) 2011 Price
American journal on intellectual and developmental disabilities 78 $399
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology 188 $5,636
Cleft palate craniofacial journal 104 $335
Developmental neurobiology 131 $6,516
Digestion 117 $2,294
European journal of clinical nutrition 217 $1,088
European journal of clinical pharmacology 119 $3,882
Journal of applied toxicology 73 $2,920
Journal of endovascular therapy 95 $326
Pediatric neurosurgery 31 $1,427

2 Responses to Your Input Requested: 2011 Journal Cancellations

  1. Abha Sahni says:

    I don’t usually use the above listed journals. So cancellation of their subscription will not affect me much.

  2. Beth Hoh says:

    Please do not cancel the subscription to the Cleft palate craniofacial journal. The cleft palate and craniofacial team needs to keep abreast of the latest techniques since adverse surgical procedures can and have been a cause for lifelong physical and psychological damage to those with these conditions.

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