Our current exhibit: “Nice Images of Normal Things” by Marty Guenther


image of garden gate

"Through the Garden Gate"


What would you call the junction of decorating and photography? How about “decoratography.” That’s the word Marty Guenther has coined to describe her unique style of photography. Her images – “whether far away or right under my nose” – are on display in Edward G. Miner Library during November.

In the photographer’s own words:

“One might describe my style of photography as nice photos of normal things, like nature, architecture, and travel. I’m not formally trained, but I enjoyed photography classes with Gary Thompson for several years, when I was still shooting film. After many classes and field trips with Gary and fellow students, I learned to actually see things around me… I learned to critique my work more thoroughly, and to look for the unexpected. Most of all I learned the patience to wait for a shot, a skill I need more time to master.”

“I migrated to digital five years ago.  My left brain loves the computer’s ability to crop, arrange and straighten.  I enjoy grouping photos, making collages, and matting and framing to enhance clients’ home décor.  I hope the future allows me to continue to explore the world with a purpose, camera in hand, to capture the beauty in the people and places I’m lucky enough to experience. I get great joy from the little moments of creativity in my life.”

Marty Guenther is the undergraduate liaison for the Department of Computer Science.  She has been at University of Rochester since 1992; she was in Personnel/Benefits/PERC from 1982-85.  From 1985-92, she and her husband Mike owned and operated a hardware store.  She is married with two grown daughters and two young grandchildren.

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