NCBI Discontinues Sequence Read Archive and Peptidome Repositories

Due to budget constraints, the Sequence Read Archive (SRA), the Trace Archive, and the Peptidome repositories are being discontinued.

The SRA and Trace Archive repositories will be phased out over the next 12 months. NCBI will work with the NIH Institutes that fund large-scale sequencing efforts to develop future access to and storage of the existing data. NCBI will continue to support and develop information resources for biological data derived from next-generation sequencing such as genotypes, common variations, rare variations, sequence assemblies, and gene expression data. NCBI encourages researchers to continue submitting data of this nature to the applicable databases.

Contact the NCBI Help Desk if you would like more information about submissions.

The online browser, query, and display interfaces of the Peptidome Repository will be phased out over the next few weeks. Existing data and metadata files will continue to be available from the NCBI ftp server ( indefinitely.  NCBI will attempt to deposit all Peptidome data in a different public mass spectrometry repository and will provide information about this in the near future.

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