What in the world…? See if you can identify this historical object!

You may be surprised to learn that even the staff who work in Miner Library are continuously surprised and amazed by the wealth of resources in our historical collections. So, we’ve decided to investigate something new each month, with the help of Christopher Hoolihan, our Rare Books & Manuscripts/History of Medicine librarian. And then, we’re going to share it with you, too.

But we’re going to make you work a little bit; hold you in suspense for a while.

Here’s the plan…

We’ll show you a photographic image of the object, then give you a chance to guess what it is. In about a week, we’ll “tell all” in a brief video.

If someone guesses the name of the object correctly, prior to our releasing the video, that person will win a coupon that can be used at any of the Medical Center’s Finger Lakes Coffee carts. (Oh, and the way you submit your guess is by sending a comment to this blog posting.)

Ready? Great! Here’s the first mystery object. (No, not the quarter! We knew there’d be a wise guy in the bunch! The quarter is provided to give you an idea of the size of the mystery object.)

Good luck!

Historical object from Edward G. Miner Library

4 Responses to What in the world…? See if you can identify this historical object!

  1. Stacey R. says:

    are they hearing aids?

  2. Judy Marshall says:

    If you enlarge the photo, it looks like something drops down out of those slots on the bottom (blades of some kind?) The top of it throws me off though. Maybe that’s just a handle to hold it in place while you use that lever to pull the blades down. If so, maybe it was to “bleed” a person….or for skin grafting??

  3. Dianne Johnson says:

    Scarifiers – used for bleeding circa 18th century.

  4. […] Education) who correctly guessed the answer to our first “What in the World?” contest. (See March 4 posting.)  Judy received a prize from Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters for her mental dexterity and keen […]

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