Innovative Partnership Between Miner Library and CTSI Research Navigator Program Supports Researchers

The recently launched Molecular Biology Information Support Service (MBISS) is an innovative partnership between Miner Library and the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) Research Navigator Program. MBISS supports the information needs of investigators and students involved in molecular biology and genetics research by offering educational programs and consultations covering the use of molecular biology databases, analysis tools and software.

Funding from the CTSI allows MBISS to provide institutional subscriptions to the following molecular biology information tools:

– IPA/Ingenuity Pathways Analysis
– Partek Genomics Suite
– Vector NTI Advance

Accounts for these programs are available for all members of the URMC community. Descriptions of the programs and information on how to apply for accounts can be found at Miner’s Molecular Biology Tools website.

This spring Mark Plessinger PhD, Molecular Biology Information Specialist in the Research Navigator Program, is teaching a series of classes covering the NCBI databases including Entrez Gene and BLAST.  Go to Miner’s Classes website for more information and to register for specific classes.

In addition, researchers and students who need assistance in selecting and using specific analysis tools can request a consultation by sending an email to Reg_Support

For additional information about MBISS see the Research Navigator Program’s Support for Molecular Biology Analytics website.

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