When would you borrow a laptop?

laptop and coffee cupOver the past few months, you’ve probably noticed a sign, screen-saver, or survey making you aware of our laptop lending program.  Perhaps you’ve even borrowed a laptop and taken a survey yourself.

We purchased the laptops for the lending program with funds from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (Middle Atlantic Region) (NN/LM MAR). This project was designed to determine if lending laptop computers helps our customers access library resources.

Surveys indicate that people who have used the laptop lending service:

…have been pleased with the service.

…are likely to use the service again.

…use laptops as a substitute for desktop computers only some of the time (i.e., still prefer desktop computers).

…borrow laptops for comfort, setting, and portability as primary reasons, not because there are no desktops available.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to comment on the program yet, we hope you’ll take a minute to do so now.

What do you think? When would you borrow one of our laptops instead of using a desktop computer?

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