Primary Drug Database for URMC and Highland Hospital Changing to Lexicomp Online

URMC and Highland Hospital’s primary drug information database will change from Micromedex to Lexicomp Online beginning June 27th.

Miner Library, the Pharmacy Department and the Ruth A. Lawrence Poison and Drug Information Center have shared the cost of Micromedex since the mid 1990’s. In 2011 the Pharmacy Department and Miner agreed to evaluate alternatives to Micromedex in part due to its high cost and the closing of the Poison Center.  A review group consisting of representatives from the Pharmacy Department, the Emergency Department, hospital physicians, Strong and Highland Nursing, the eRecord team and Miner Library was organized by Dr. Curtis Haas, Director of Pharmacy. The group identified Lexicomp Online as the drug database most comparable to Micromedex and organized a site-wide trial and multiple department-level demonstrations.  Members of the group solicited feedback from the groups they represented.

In early June the review group and Dr. Haas determined that URMC and Highland Hospital would begin subscribing to Lexicomp Online instead of Micromedex because:

– Lexicomp Online contains robust drug information, toxicology and patient education materials comparable to Micromedex
– Many pharmacists and clinicians felt they were able to find answers more quickly in Lexicomp Online than Micromedex.
– The contract includes downloads of Lexicomp On-hand, the mobile version, for all URMC and Highland Hospital clinicians and students.
– The price for Lexicomp Online is less than Micromedex.

Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested in a training session. You can contact your library liaison or Michele Shipley, Miner’s Assistant Director for Digital and Branch Libraries, at

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