Welcome, 1st-Year Medical Students!

person on an information safariWe’re looking forward to meeting all the first-year medical students during this week’s Amazing Chase.

The title is a takeoff on that reality show, The Amazing Race. For us, though, it’s not a race so much as an information safari. Students are asked to “chase” down the answers to questions, in a kind of scavenger hunt.

For the past several years, we have tried to make new medical students aware of issues in Environmental Health through this game. We were inspired to do this as part of a grant to the School of Medicine & Dentistry for integrating environmental medicine into the curriculum.

We hope this game is just a small beginning in the students’ pursuit of environmental health knowledge. We hope it’s a G-R-R-R-eat introduction to a place we hope students will get to know quite well…Miner Library!

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