“Gallo Pinto” Photographic Exhibit by Andrew Hallinan

We’re pleased to once again host an exhibit of photographs by Andrew Hallinan. The images nicely express some of the colors, character, and feelings of Nicaragua. One can almost smell the bananas and feel the heat.

In the photographer’s own words

“Gallo Pinto” refers to the Nicaraguan staple of rice and beans, which is part of just about every meal you eat there. To Nicaraguans, Gallo Pinto represents the familiar and comforting. Last year, as I wrote my artist’s statement for my first exhibit, I thought about the newness of everything I’d seen and smelled and experienced after I stepped off the plane into the warm, tropical air of Nicaragua for the babiies in small tubfirst time. Now, shortly after my third trip, a new feeling has begun to emerge. While I have by no means experienced everything Nicaragua has to offer, a sense of familiarity and fondness came over me this time as we drove through the countryside past volcanoes, rice fields, cattle, and children in their black and white uniforms coming home from school. For a moment, instead of keeping my eyes wide open, I closed them and simply felt the hot wind against my face. The wind awakened within me a sense of returning to a place I already knew.

As always when I travel to Nicaragua, I visited El Sauce–this time to visit the families I got to know as a volunteer for 4 Walls. The 4 Walls Project is a small nonprofit organization whose simple goal is to provide families with the materials and labor to rebuild or finish their homes. The project is based in El Sauce, Nicaragua, a small rural town (and a Rochester Sister City) where it is common to see large families living in houses with walls made from tarps, rotting wood, or cardboard. Through donations and volunteer efforts, the 4 Walls Project provides bricks, materials, and helping hands so these families can have houses that are safe and secure. Volunteers work alongside local residents digging ditches, mixing cement, and laying brick; in the process they form lasting bonds that become the foundation of a sustainable project.

For more information about the 4 Walls Project, visit www.journeysofsolutions.com.


Andrew Hallinan is a photography student at Rochester Institute of Technology. He hopes to return to Nicaragua many times in the future.

To view more of Andrew’s photographs, visit  http://lovelessphotos321.shutterfly.com.


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Susan Andersen

This article was submitted by Susan Andersen.

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