Capture Web pages for reading later

Read It Later lets you save what you find on the web to watch and read on any device, at any time; even when you don’t have an internet connection. You can pick whether you want to download the entire page complete with images or an optimized text-only view.

I can hardly believe it! No more saving short-cuts all over my desktop!

Once Read It Later has downloaded your content, you can read your list at 30,000 feet while in airplane mode, or when you’re stuck in construction on the way to work, or when you’re waiting for the shuttle bus.

Apparently it’s pretty cool that you can use Read It Later to save links to your list from all over the place, like your iPad or smartphone. (I don’t have either of these tools, so I’m not talking from personal experience. You’ll have to let me know what you think.)

Thanks to our friends at Duke University Medical Center Library for bringing this tool to our attention. 

Submitted by Susan Andersen

Submitted by Susan Andersen.

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