Stop by, play game, win stuff. How great is that?

How many times have you passed one of our Medical Center’s VIPs in the corridor and said to yourself, “Hmmm, I wonder what her/his favorite book is?” Hundreds of times, right? Well, we somehow knew that, so we’ve initiated a contest in honor of National Medical Librarians Month that’ll provide you with some answers (not all*, but some) and help you sleep at night.

Seven of our Medical Center leaders agreed to help us out by supplying the names of their favorite books. We are grateful to Drs. Diane Hartmann, Mark Taubman, David Lambert, Brad Berk, Kathy Rideout, Kathy Parrinello, and Jean Joseph for their willingness to participate.

Now, it’s your job to figure out if EMPIRE FALLS is Diane Hartmann’s favorite book or maybe it’s Mark Taubman’s? Well, don’t try to twist our collective arms, because we won’t tell.

Stop by, take a look at the display case, and pick up a game piece. Take your best guess. The person to get the most correct answers by the end of business on October 31 will be the winner. (We’ll post the answers on November 1.)

Oh, and we’re not going to say in this article what the prize is, for fear of causing a stampede. You’ll have to stop by and look at the display to discover that, as well!

Submitted by Susan Andersen

Submitted by Susan Andersen

*Like, what is gravity, really? Now there’s a head scratcher!

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