PubMed: Year End (non) Activity

Do you have saved searches in My NCBI? And those searches have not been retrieving any citations lately? Don’t worry. Relax. This is due to the Year End processing activities that the National Library of Medicine (NLM) undertakes this time of year. Maintenance is done on the database, the 2012 MeSH vocabulary is introduced, and other tasks are accomplished.

For searchers, this means that no new indexed citations are added to the database until this Year End work is finished. And that, my friends, will explain why your saved searches in My NCBI may not be retrieving citations at the moment.

When the Year End activities are completed, indexed citations will again be added to the database, and you should see your saved searches performing like the stars they are…….

For more information on Year End processing at NLM, see the NLM Technical Bulletin article “MEDLINE/PubMed Year End Processing Activities” available online at


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