RefWorks January 2012 Release Update: How much better can it get?

RefWorks is constantly involved in improving its product.  And you know, small changes can make a big difference!

One of the latest tweaks is the DRAG AND DROP feature.  You can now drag references, or a group of references, from one area of your account to another folder or function, using the QUICK ACCESS bar on the right of the screen.

Confounded by those pesky duplicates?  Now, when you import via direct export from a database or online catalog, you will find a feature called DUPLICATE CHECKING OPTION. This allows you to conduct an exact or close match duplicate search checking your newly imported references against all references in your RefWorks database.  You’ll be able to identify and delete duplicates right away.

For a full list of enhancements, check out this RefWorks page:

Want a personal tour of RefWorks  Basics and the new features?   RefWorks classes will be held in Classroom 1 in Miner Library on these days and times.

February 14, 11-Noon

February 23, 1-2 PM

March 1, 2-3 PM

March 28, 10-11 AM

April 2, 3-4 PM

April 17, 10-11 AM

May 23, 10-11 AM

To register for a class, go to:


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