Think iPad? Think Miner!


Are visions of iPads dancing in  your head? Thinking you might iPadwant one? Or maybe you’ve already jumped in to that luscious 2,048 x 1,536 pixel screen resolution! Either way, if you think iPad…think Miner Library.

Our librarians can help you set up your email, teach you tips and tricks, and help make your iPad user experience friendlier and more efficient. It’s no secret that iPads are beautiful and cool, but they’re also real workhorses. Yup; it’s true!

So, if have (or soon will have) an iPad, be sure to make an appointment with us. You can call 275-2487 (M-F, 8:30-5) to set up an appointment; you can use the ASK button on our website to request an appointment; or you can contact your personal or liaison librarian.  It’ll take a few minutes, but it will get you going from zero to speedy!

Think iPad? Think Miner!Get iPad, call Miner Library

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