Need a nook to change that nappy?

Diaper Deck changing station

A few years ago, we never would have thought we’d feel so good about our latest enhancement to customer service – diaper changing stations. We’ve installed one Diaper Deck™ in our women’s rest room and one in our men’s rest room.

Why, you ask?

Well, we’re always on the lookout for ways we can help you get the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it. We take pride in service excellence, and we want to help everyone feel welcome and comfortable, including customers who have small children.

So what happens when you’re looking for information with an infant or toddler in tow and you see that look on your child’s face and, well, you just know what comes next. Until now, you may have left the library – sans information – horrified you’d offend the person next to you.

Or picture this… You’re visiting during reunion  (we love reunions!) and suddenly you notice your cherub smells, well…a little funky. Sometimes you just need a changing station.

We took it upon ourselves to examine every single restroom west of the Dean’s office*, and guess what? No changing stations!

Miner to the rescue!

As of today, you have a clean, safe place to care for your baby.  Awesome!

* O.K., we stretched the truth a bit.

Submitted by Susan Andersen

Submitted by Susan Andersen

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