National Library of Medicine’s Shakespeare & Medicine exhibit has UR connection

The National Library of Medicine announced in January a new traveling and online exhibit entitled “And there’s the humor of it” – Shakespeare and the four humors.  The exhibit marks the first formal collaboration between NLM and the Folger Shakespeare Library.   The exhibition was curated by the former Folger director, Dr. Gail K. Paster, and our own Dr. Theodore Brown, Professor of History, Community and Preventive Medicine and Medical Humanities.

Dr. Theodore Brown

Dr. Brown created the Higher Education Module that accompanies the exhibit, entitled : “Changing Explanations in Mind-Body Medicine.”

The module illuminates, as the website’s first page states:  “… our understanding of how practicing physicians and medical scientists have, over a considerable period of time, typically explained disease and the factors which cause it…  It looks selectively at Western medicine over its long history and in the most basic terms, and  focuses on the recurrent ways in which biological (body-based) and psychological (mind- or emotion-based) explanations have been used to account for diseases of both the body and mind, and it challenges the common assumption that biological explanations are always better…”

We are very proud of the University of Rochester’s association with this groundbreaking exhibit, and we invite you to take a look at it yourself!

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