Top 10 Free Medical Apps For the iPad

Interested in quality apps for your iPad without spending a lot of money?  iMedical Apps, the online publication featuring reviews of mobile technologies, recently released its top 10 free medical apps for the iPad. To come up with their recommendations, the physician editors combed through 2,500 free medical apps available on iTunes. Apps that require subscriptions or are “lite” versions were excluded. The top 10 are:

  1. Medscape – drug reference/news/CME education
  2. Micromedex – drug reference
  3. Calculate by QxMD – calculators
  4. Draw MD Series/ 3D – patient education
  5. AHRQ ePSS – USPSTF recommendations
  6. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED – radiology cases
  7. Free iBooks – interactive medical textbooks
  8. 3D Virtual Simulation Medical Apps: Upper Respiratory Virtual Lab/iLarynx – airway management
  9. Free Journals (Lancet & Circulation) and PDF Management Solutions (Dropbox & Evernote)
  10. MedPage Today – news


Visit iMedical Apps to read full descriptions of the apps and view videos showing the apps in action.


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