Re-carpeting project starts 12/24

Is there anything that says “Happy Holidays” like new carpeting?

(Well, there’s my grandmother’s poppy seed cake, but I digress…)

Yes, it’s true! Miner Library is getting new carpeting.  We’ve waited a long time (a decade or so, but who’s counting?), and we’re truly grateful to University Facilities & Services at the Medical Center for working with us to make it happen.

During the re-carpeting project, we’ll frequently be playing one of our favorite games…furniture shuffle. We’ll try to give everyone plenty of warning. We ask your patience and understanding if it’s a bit last-minute though. (And no, we can’t shuffle furniture if you’re still sitting on it!)


When will the work start?

Monday, December 24.

When will the work be completed?

If all goes well, the work will be completed in about three weeks (early January).

Can I play furniture shuffle?

No, only library staff are allowed to play, because of the high level of physical conditioning and rigorous training required.

Does the carpet adhesive contain harmful chemicals?

The adhesive being used is low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Even so, each of us reacts differently to our environments. If you’re sensitive to dust and odors, you may want to avoid the library for a few weeks.

Will I still have access to computers?

Computers, too, will be shuffled. Public computing may be restricted or unavailable for a day or so. If you have a Medical Center ID badge, you may use the Computing Center (which is not being re-carpeted).

What color is the new carpet? It’s not grey or mauve, is it?

Nope! We’re going with a pattern of deep-sea blue (OK, it has some grey in it) and a royal burgundy.

If you have additional questions as the work progresses, just ASK!

This article was submitted by Susan Andersen

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