Original oil portraits by Stanley Gordon exhibited at Miner Library

B. Thomas Golisano

B. Thomas Golisano

“Multiple Images,” an exhibit of original oil portraits by Stanley Gordon, is on display in Edward G. Miner Library through February 2013. Depicted are B. Thomas Golisano, Rabbi Philip Bernstein, Frank Gannett, and others who have had significant positive influences on Rochester and the world.

For decades, Gordon was known as one of the best portrait artists in Rochester. Many of his portraits of Rochester’s notables also hang in local colleges, museums, and corporate headquarters.  His Edwin Strasenburgh hangs in its namesake’s planetarium. At the height of his prolific career, he enjoyed prestigious exhibits in locations such as Rockefeller Center in New York City.

At the request of Rosalynn Carter, he painted the portrait of President Jimmy Carter that is now displayed in Carter’s presidential library. He also painted President George H.W. Bush, though he was prevented from joining then-Congressman Frank Horton in delivering it to the Oval Office because of the infamous Rochester ice storm of 1991.

Once considered one of the leading portrait painters east of the Mississippi, Gordon says the greatest piece of advice he ever got was from one of his instructors, Wayman Adams: “Paint the mind.” Gordon, himself, taught art for many years at Rochester Institute of Technology and at University of Rochester.

In a 2010 Messenger Post interview, Gordon said, “Painting a portrait is one of the greatest challenges in the world — you’ve got to create life, create this person. I love people; everyone has a different image and story to tell.”

Now, at age 93, Stanley Gordon no longer paints, but he’s still passionate about art and the great potential for its positive impact on society.

His unpretentious residence is layered with portraits of such well-known faces as baseball player Greg Luzinski, actress Sophia Loren, and businessman/philanthropist Robert B. Wegman. Paintings lean up against every available piece of furniture and wall. And yes, there are plenty of fascinating stories, which Gordon enthusiastically will share!

Special thanks to Mike Andersen, for his help with transporting and hanging these paintings!

About Miner Library

Edward G. Miner Library is an academic health sciences library serving the University of Rochester Medical Center, including the Eastman Dental Center, School of Medicine and Dentistry, School of Nursing, Strong Memorial Hospital, University Medical Faculty Group, and members of the public in the eleven county area surrounding Rochester, New York.

This article was submitted by Susan Andersen

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