Newly acquired “Hospital Design & Construction”

The Rare Books & Manuscripts Section of the Edward G. Miner Library has recently acquired Hospital Construction and Management published at London in 1883. This folio-format volume was authored by the military physician Frederic John Mouat, M.D. (1816-1897) and the noted British architect Henry Saxon Snell. The authors note in their preface, “There is no systematic work in the English language on the arrangement, management, and construction of hospitals, in their hygienic, administrative and structural relations.” The authors attempt to remedy this deficiency in a volume illustrated with fifty-five lithographed plates that provide views and plans of civic, military and university hospitals in England, Scotland, France, Germany and even India, where Mouat distinguished himself in a career spanning thirty years.


This work of Mouat and Snell is the most recent addition to a small but distinguished collection of books on hospital design and constructon at Miner that includes such works as Claude-François Duchanoy’s Projet d’une nouvelle organisation des hôpitaux, hospices, et secours à domicile de Paris (Paris, 1810), Maximilian Jacobi’s On the construction and management of hospitals for the insane (London, 1841), Florence Nightingale’s Notes on hospitals (London, 1863), Franz Oppert’s Hospitals, infirmaries, and dispensaries (London, 1867), Sir Henry Burdett’s four-volume Hospitals and asylums of the world (London, 1891-93), etc.

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