ANSWER to “Eddie’s WayBack Machine – Can you guess the year?”

Wow! So great to hear from so many of you.

The answer to our first “Eddie’s WayBack” brainteaser is 1966. The ad appeared in the January issue of Analytical  Chemistry.

The first person to respond was Nancy Needler (Research Subject Advocate, Office of Regulatory Support, CTSI), with a guess of 1967. Since the ad actually appeared over a range of years (through 1968), as pointed out by Ed Bell, we think Nancy’s guess is a winner. (I wonder if 1968 was the year people stopped wearing white shirts and ties in the lab, too.)

Thanks to everyone for playing! We hope to bring you more episodes of “Eddie’s WayBack Machine” in the coming weeks.


[This entry was posted on Monday, March 10, 2014.]

On occasion, we’re told that we may not pay as much attention to our URMC basic scientists as we do our clinicians. Yikes! That’s certainly not our intent; we love you all equally!

Nonetheless, we’ve decided to launch a special series, “Eddie’s WayBack Machine,” especially for researchers.  (And yes, the inspiration for this feature is loosely based on Peabody’s Improbable History segments, appearing in the late 1950s and early 1960s as part of The Bullwinkle Show. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Mr. Peabody was a beagle who was the smartest being in existence.)

As a non-scientist, when I look through some of our well-worn bound journals, I’m impressed with how outdated they are, not so much from the science (which I don’t understand) but from the advertisements.

Shown below is a “New Products” advertisement from a highly respected journal.

For the fun of it, can you guess the year of publication?

Send your response to  The answer and the winning (closest) response will be posted next week.


3 Responses to ANSWER to “Eddie’s WayBack Machine – Can you guess the year?”

  1. Ed Bell says:

    I found an “introduction” citation for a 1954 book and an “info ad” (Analytical Chemistry) as late as 1968.

  2. lindahasman says:

    I have no doubt that a beagle would be the smartest being in existence!!

  3. Carmen Di Mare says:


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