MD Consult Discontinued by Publisher

MD Consult, one of Miner’s most popular sources for online medical books and review articles, was discontinued at the end of December 2014 by Elsevier, its publisher. Elsevier is replacing MD Consult with a much larger, more expensive product called ClinicalKey. Miner’s annual cost for ClinicalKey would be 37% higher than what we currently pay for MD Consult. Miner is unable to absorb this additional cost and will not be subscribing to ClinicalKey. We will continue to purchase Elsevier’s medical books in print. Almost all of MD Consult’s online journals with the exception of the Clinics journals, will continue to be available because they are duplicated in the UR libraries contract for ScienceDirect. Miner will investigate the cost of subscribing to the most heavily used Clinics journals separately. We regret that Elsevier made the decision to discontinue MD Consult and is not offering flexible options that would allow their customers to retain some of the textbooks that are important to their students and programs.

Miner subscribes to several collections of online books from other publishers. We invite you to check out Access Medicine from McGraw-Hill with 75+ books in clinical medicine and the basic sciences plus the Diagnosaurus differential diagnosis tool, examination and procedural videos, case files and an image collection. The Medical Education E-Books collection is a recent addition to Miner’s electronic resources. It consists of 28 textbooks in the basic biomedical sciences and physical examination. In addition Miner subscribes to PsychiatryOnline with 13 electronic books covering psychiatry and mental illness, and 10+ clinical medicine textbooks from Ovid.

Click on the following link for selected alternatives to the books found in MD Consult:

MD Consult_Alternative E-Books


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