Try our new touchscreen, register for a library class, and take a selfie!

touchscreen“It’s new!”

“It’s cool!”

“It’s neat-o!”

But don’t just take our word for it, stop by Miner Library and give our new touchscreen class registration system a test drive for yourself.

We’ve set up the touchscreen right up front, next to the Answer Desk, to make stopping in and registering for library classes both fast and fun.

Many of you may remember that the old online registration system was not so fast and not so fun. But thanks to some crackerjack programming by Tom Nichols, and a grant from Friends of University of Rochester Libraries, all that “not so” stuff is in our past.

You can, of course, access “Classes @ Miner Library” web page from your own desktop, but it’s not as much fun.

Oh, and because you’ll be done registering so quickly,  you’ll have plenty of time to take a selfie. The desktop keeps the five most recent selfies in rotation.

Eddie took a selfie without registering for a class, and that’s OK, too!

Eddie Bruin

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