Do you Google your patients? Is that OK?

Have you ever used the web to find information about a patient? Is that an invasion of the patient’s privacy? Are there instances when the ethically correct thing to do is Google your patient? Is this just one of those grey areas?

Is it time to develop some guidelines about if and when it may be appropriate to search for information about a patient using the tools available on the web? These authors think so. You might want to take a look at this short article (just 2-pages) and see what you think.

Navigating the Google blind spot: an emerging need for professional guidelines to address patient-targeted Googling.
Baker MJ, George DR, Kauffman GL Jr.
Journal of General Internal Medicine 2014 Sep 17.[epub ahead of print]

Want to read the full text of this article? Click on the title link above and click on the red Find Text @ UR button.

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