TOXinvaders: Game (and learning) about environmental health

News from the National Library of Medicine’s Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS): There’s a new learning game in town!

TOXinvaders, an environmental health and toxicology game for iPhone and iPad, is now available from the Apple Store ( It’s free.

(OK…so, full disclosure. TOXinvaders is rated for middle school learners. If you’re not in that demographic, though, there’s no need to be embarrassed about downloading and playing this game. We’ll never tell!)

From their description: “The game consists of four fast-paced levels, in which a launcher is used to annihilate toxic chemicals falling from the sky and earn protective shield points by capturing ‘good chemicals.’ To move on to the next level, players must take a brief quiz about its chemicals in order to unlock the next one. These dynamically generated tests provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about environmental health and toxicology, either from the game’s chemical information sheet, or from NLTOXinvadersM Web sites.”

Pairs nicely with other learning tools from SIS:

♦ Tox Town – Helping students learn about chemicals in their environment.

♦ TOXMAP –  Use mapping to explore the data from EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory and The Superfund Program.

♦ Environmental Health Student Portal – an entire portal for helping middle schoolers learn about environmental health.

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