Traveling this summer? Take a look at these 5 free translation apps

What’s one of your biggest worries when traveling in a foreign country? Being able to communicate, right?

I mean, you get off the plane and…

– Where can I get a taxi?

– Where’s the bathroom?

– Is that snake poisonous?

One of my fave technology writers, Brien Posey, recently wrote a feature for TechRepublic that helped put my mind to rest. In “Overcome the language barrier with these five free translation apps,” Brien highlights:

1. Google Translate

2. iTranslate

3. Translate Me

4. Ask Ziggy


In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t have a smartphone; so I couldn’t personally put all these apps through their paces. But I trust Brien, and I do have access to an iPad. Two of the five are available on iOS, in addition to Android and Windows Phone.

I found iTranslate to be intuitive and easy to use, offering “80+ languages at your finger tips.” Many of the languages offer an audio option, as well as text.

So far I’ve had fun virtually traveling to dozens of countries, including Turkey, Denmark, Japan, Italy, and Greece, asking everyone my favorite question, “Where is the closest library?”

Wikipedia tells me that determining the origin of language in the human species is considered by some to be “the hardest problem in science.” Using iTranslate and these other apps? Pretty easy!

Posted by Susan Andersen

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