Need a mental break? How about a little light reading?

Sure, we all love principles of nanoparticle design for breakfast, and then maybe some overexpression of receptor-like kinase for lunch. For dinner or after dinner with a cup of cocoa by the fire? Well, who doesn’t reach for dynamics of disease transmission?

casual book exchangeIf you’re one of those people who just needs to snack on a little something lighter once-in-a-while, stop down to Miner Library and take a look at our new Casual Book Exchange shelf. It’s located right inside our front doors.

Borrow some romance, adventure, or horror. Then, when you’re done, put it back on the shelf and borrow something else. Our Casual Book Exchange operates on the honor system.

No need to feel embarrassed. Real ________________ (fill in the blank: researchers, medical students, nurses…) DO read popular fiction.

Oh, and we need to tell you that all the books in this collection are donated.  We don’t spend a penny of Miner’s or the University’s money on this endeavor. So, if you have a few books that you’d like to donate, stop in and give them to one of our staff at the Answer Desk.


(Now where’s that brown paper bag of mine for the Nora Roberts paperback I’m borrowing?)

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