What should I do? A journal I’ve never heard of just asked me to submit a paper.

Finding the right journal to publish your article is challenging. Predatory journals make the process even more difficult.

Predatory journals may promise a quick turnaround from article review to publication. They may not disclose article processing charges (APCs) up front, but can demand payment for publishing at a later date. They offer little to no editorial services and may not be peer-reviewed. Predatory journals often create new open access journals with names similar to legitimate journals. Their websites, journal metrics, stats and editorial board members are often fabricated.

How big is this problem?  According to the “Beall’s List” there are over 900 identified predatory journals. So, how can you protect your reputation and your wallet?


Start here: http://thinkchecksubmit.org/check/

Ask yourself:

• Is it a predatory journal? (This article from ThinkSCIENCE defines the problem and offers advice and tips.)

• Is the title on Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers?

• What fees will you be charged? What are the Article Processing Charges (APCs)?

• Can you rescind your submission at any time?

• Have you received unsolicited e-mails or even SPAM?  Are there grammatical errors in the correspondence?

• Have you heard of the publication name?  Does it sound a lot like another established journal?

For more information about journal rankings and reach, check out InCites™ Journal Citation Reports®.  (This is licensed content, so you’ll be asked for your UR status and affiliation before being directed to the data.)

Still have questions?  Your liaison librarians are here to help.

Contact us by email, by calling (585) 275-2487, or by using the Ask A Librarian page on our website.

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