Major Publishers Require ORCID Identifiers in 2016

Researchers often face the continuing challenge of distinguishing their scholarly contributions from those of other researchers with the same or similar names.

ORCID, anORCIDLogo acronym for Open Researcher and Contributor ID, offers a solution. An ORCID identifier uniquely distinguishes you and accurately connects you to your scholarly work throughout your lifetime, no matter how your name or institution may vary.

To further make things interesting, earlier this year ORCID announced that several major publishers, including Science, Public Library of Science (PLoS), IEEE, eLife, EMBO, and Hindawi are making the 16-digit ORCID a requirement for manuscript submission starting in 2016. Nature Publishing Group (NPG), Wiley, and Elsevier have been accepting ORCID identifiers since 2012, but have not yet made it a requirement.

ORCID identifiers create greater efficiencies for authors, publishers, funders, and other entities in the academic scholarly communication universe. And, no more name ambiguity!

We invite all current or potential researchers and authors to register for a free ORCID identifier.

Please call us (275-2487) or email Ask A Librarian for further information.

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