Donate cotton t-shirts (new or used) through 3/9/16

We’re helping our colleagues in the Center for Nursing Professional Development in their efforts to collect new or used cotton t-shirts for Project 1Z (onesie) through Wednesday, March 9. onesie

Through Project 1Z, volunteers collect t-shirts that will be remade into onesies for babies in Kenya. In collaboration with Operation Karibu, the baby clothes are an incentive for women to give birth in hospitals and birthing centers, much safer than giving birth at home.

“According to Dr. Moka Lantum, public health expert and founder of Operation Karibu, ‘despite the accessibility of hospitals and their clear-cut advantages over home births, women are often too proud or ashamed to visit a hospital — feeling they’re not suitably dressed or they don’t belong there socially.’ As a consequence, up to 1,000 mothers and 10,000 children die per every 100,000 deliveries.”

So, you know that t-shirt in the back of your closet that you’re too embarrassed to wear any more? Here’s a chance to give it a new and better life.

Our drop box is right inside our front doors (1-6221), but you also can drop off t-shirts at the Center for Nursing Professional Development, room 1-3241, or room 1-3257.


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