Donate eyewear @ Miner during March

We’re partnering with University Facilities and Services (UFS) during National Eye Donor Month to collect and recycle eyeglasses.

Sure, you can mail your unwanted eyewear to UFS (University Mail Services; Box 270001). But it’s so much more rewarding to walk up to a giant teddy bear and drop your eyewear into a colorful box, right?

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And, truth be told, we’re totally caught up in the competitive spirit of RecycleMania.

We’re participating in the departmental competition recently announced by the Recycling Department. There will be an award granted to the department that collects the greatest number of pairs and another award granted to the department that creates the most “eye-catching” collection box.

Eyeglasses will be sent to the Lion’s Club for cleaning, sorting, and packaging.  Usable glasses will be sent on to those in need, mostly in developing countries.

So, help us help others.

All this month, drop off your unwanted glasses right here at Miner.

Couldn’t be easier.

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