We’re growing our family of libraries to meet your needs. Meet the Family Resource Library at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

And we couldn’t be prouder.

Stop by and say hello. The Family Resource Library is located on the lobby level of the new Golisano Children’s Hospital. We’re right next door to the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

The Family Resource Library is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All are welcome to use the library’s facilities: clinicians, staff, patients and their families, and the general community.

Jennifer Raynor

Jennifer Raynor

As you enter, you’ll get a welcoming smile from professional librarian, Jennifer Raynor. Jennifer is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Science. She’s held positions at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Roger Williams University School of Law in Rhode Island, and Brighton Memorial Library in Rochester.

Jennifer thrives on finding reliable and helpful health information to meet your specific needs.

For clinicians and staff, she’ll consult with you on database searches, conduct custom literature searches, provide subject-specific resource training and instruction, notify you about new library services, and work with you to create appropriate educational materials for your patients and families.

Family Resource Library

Family Resource Library

For pediatric patients and their families, Jennifer knows just the right age-appropriate resources to help you better understand your health conditions or diagnoses. Of course, we also offer a quiet space to relax as well as fiction books for children and teens. Browse through the daily newspaper or our collection of magazines for children and adults.  Public access computers, a printer/scanner/fax machine, and iPads are also available.

Contact Jennifer at (585) 275-7710 or Jennifer_Raynor@urmc.rochester.edu for any of your information needs.

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