Still wondering where to publish?

If you’ve read our previous post on identifying and avoiding predatory publishers, you’re well on your way to finding the right journal in which to publish.

Well done! You’ve mastered Step 1.


Ready for Step 2? Awesome. Let’s do it!

 checkmark-orange As you look at the table of contents, do you think your article will be a good fit?
 checkmark-orange What types of articles are published? Original research, review, case study?
 checkmark-orange What is the quality of the accepted articles and authors?
 checkmark-orange What is the main subject area(s) covered by the journal (particularly when the research is cross-discipline)?
 checkmark-orange What is the acceptance rate of this journal?
 checkmark-orange Who is the publisher of this journal?  Do you recognize the publisher?
 checkmark-orange What associations or organizations are affiliated with the journal?
 checkmark-orange Do you recognize any of the names of the editors of the review board?  Are the editors affiliated with established institutions?
 checkmark-orange On what platforms is the journal available? Web, print, or web and print?
 checkmark-orange What is the number of paid circulations?
 checkmark-orange How often is the journal published?
 checkmark-orange What is the time to publication?
 checkmark-orange Where is it indexed?  Medline, PsycINFO, CINAHL?
 checkmark-orange Is the journal peer-reviewed?
 checkmark-orange What is the reputation of the journal?
 checkmark-orange What is the impact factor?
 checkmark-orange Who is the declared audience?

For more information about journal rankings and reach, check out InCites™ Journal Citation Reports® and Ulrich’s Web  (This is licensed content, so you’ll be asked for your UR status and affiliation before being directed to the resources.)

Still have questions?  Your liaison librarians are here to help. Contact us by email, by calling (585) 275-2487, or by using the Ask A Librarian page on our website.

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