We’ve got so much good news we’re gonna bust!

We’re working hard to make your work easier.

You’ve told us what you want and we’re making it happen.

Starting noFreew, for faculty, staff and students at URMC:

• Fees for interlibrary loans………………Gone!

• Charges for document delivery………..Eliminated!

• Loan period for books…………………… Extended!

You know we can get you a copy of that print book or journal article you need, even if we don’t own it, through our interlibrary loan service (ILLiad). It’s fast and convenient, BUT…. you’ve told us that the fees get in the way of your research and scholarship.

We agree. Interlibrary loan service now is FREE.

You know if we do have the print book or journal you need, and you need a copy of a chapter or article, you can ask us to scan the information and send it to you electronically through ILLiad. (We call this ourFree “document delivery” service.) It’s fast and convenient, BUT…. (you know the rest).

We agree. Document delivery service now is FREE.

And finally, about that 2-week loan period for books…

Effective immediately, we are changing the loan period for books from 2 weeks to 3 months (No, you don’t have to keep the book that long, but you can if you need to.)

If you’d like more information about any of our services, talk with your librarian or the fabulous people at our Answer Desk.

Let’s keep the conversations going.


We provide answers and expertise to help you work, learn, and achieve success.”




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