Need a furry therapist? Join us on Wed., 9/14/16 @ 3:15

dog visits man in hospitalJoin us on Wednesday, September 14, for a visit from our much-loved, furry therapists… Strong P.E.T.S.  (Pets Engaged in Therapeutic Socialization).

This team of dogs and their volunteer handlers help to make hospitalization less stressful and frightening for patients and their families.

Several times a year, we’re lucky enough to add Miner Library to their long list of patient visits.

The benefits of pet therapy are numerous and well-documented in the scientific literature. Pet companionship has been associated with improved overall mental, social, and physiological health. Animal-assisted therapy can help healing and lessen depression and fatigue.

Got a few minutes? Join us @ Miner on September 14 @ 3:15.

After the visit, don’t be surprised if you’re smiling. And you feel a little less tired and a bit more optimistic.

Ann Lacey and Taylor

Pet therapist Ann Lacey has been a therapy dog handler since 1982 and founded the Strong P.E.T.S. program at Strong Memorial Hospital in 2000. For more information about Strong P.E.T.S., Campus Canines, or Tales for Tails programs, visit the URMC Newsroom or contact Friends of Strong at (585) 275-2420.


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