High Noon at Miner Library Presents: “Sticks & Stones, Clans & Tartans – Exploring the Highland Heavy Games” 11/30 at Noon

Calling all lads and lassies! High Noon 2016 wraps up with the Highland Games. While we cannot actually hold a caber toss competition in the library, we will have the next best thing! A Highland Games competitor, Kathryn Kendall, is November’s guest speaker.

The Hihighnoon_highlandgamesghland Games, dating back to the fourth or fifth century, celebrates Scottish and Celtic culture. Steeped in rich tradition, the Highland Games typically include Heavy events: caber toss, stone put, Scottish hammer throw and sheaf toss. Other events include music (bagpipes, harps and fiddling) and dance.

Dr. Kendall will walk us through the Heavy Events (where she competes), her history with the Games, her preparation and what the tartan is all about.

Please join us at noon on Wednesday, November 30, in Miner Library’s History of Medicine room. Admission is FREE. Everyone is welcome. Feel free to bring your lunch.

For more information, contact Linda Hasman at (585) 275-3399.

About the Speaker: Dr. Kathryn Kendall, by day a mild mannered higher ed administrator, by night a competing member of Clan MacDonald.

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