What’s that invigorating glow?

Have you noticed the invigorating, blissful glow in our main reading room?

Sure, Mother Nature is adding about 3 minutes of daylight each day. But that’s not it.

Give up?

In December, Medical Center Facilities Operations (MCFO) replaced all the incandescent lights in our reading room with LEDs. And that means it’s not only easier to see what you’re doing, but also it translates into lots of savings – energy-wise and money-wise.

How much?

Bob Hiwall sconce with LED lightsbbard (Facilities Area Manager) tells us that the combined savings in labor and energy in one year will be almost $8,000.

And you know what else is great?

Bob and team were able to find bulbs that maintained the early-20th-century look and feel of this historic room.

So, we can see better, we’re happier, we’re helping to protect our environment, and we’re saving money. Doesn’t get much better.

Thanks to all our friends in MCFO for making this happen!

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