Going to visit friends or family in an area with Zika?

As the end of the term and summer approach, we’ve all got a million gazillion things on our minds.

And if you’ll be traveling to an area with Zika, well, that’s even more to think about.

Lucky for us, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has done the thinking for us on this one. They’ve just published information that’ll help you plan before, during, and after your visit…”to keep yourself and your family safe!”

Yes, there’s a lot of information on their web page. But it’s chunked up, and nicely illustrated, and easy to navigate.  So, no excuses.

suitcaseIf you’re really, really short on time, the “Pack Like a Champ. Pack To Prevent Zika” video runs just about 1 minute. And it’s available in English and Spanish.

As our mums say, “Have fun. Be good. Stay safe.”

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