Breaking news! E-access to WSJ in 4.5 easy steps.

What’s better than a bucket full of Halloween candy?

How about having the Wall Street Journal at your fingertips? Electronically. Like at your desktop or on your mobile device?

Heck, yes!

We’ve partnered with the Simon School and River Campus Libraries to make it happen…WSJ online.

Gotta say, we’re pretty excited.

Here’s the “How to” in 4.5 steps.

Have ready:

• Your NetID and Password. If you don’t know (or don’t remember) your NetID or Password, University IT has a self-help page:  or you can call UIT at 275-2000.

•Your URMC email address.

So let’s get started.

  1. Go to:
  2. After you enter your credentials, you’ll see the Create Account dialog box.
  3. Enter your first name, last name, and select an appropriate account type (student, staff, or professor). Enter your URMC email address. (The field may auto fill.)  Your email address must end in edu.  That’s a biggy. You cannot use your personal email address.
  4. Almost done… Now, check the “I agree to” box…

4.5   …and CREATE.  (This step is just too easy to give it a full 5.)

Now you can log in to directly or use the apps on your iOS or Android device.

Pretty great, eh?

Questions? Comments? Contact us at 275-2487 or by using the Ask A Librarian page on our website.

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