Getting the Most from EndNote – Capture Reference Feature

It is easy to export articles from scholarly databases like PubMed or Web of Science into EndNote, but how can you do insert a reference from popular media sources like the New York Times or government websites like

Typically, you would have to create a new reference manually.  Now you can use the capture reference feature to export this information directly into EndNote.  It will not work for all websites, and you may only get partial data from others. So, you may still have to use the New Reference and Edit Reference features.  But using Capture Reference could make getting the reference data from many websites much easier.

• If you have not already set up an account with EndNote, you will have to do this first.

• From EndNote, click on References and then Preferences (For Mac users: Click on EndNote in the toolbar and then click on Preferences)

EndNote screen snap


• From here select Sync and click on the button labeled Enable Sync.

EndNote screen snap

• From here, you will have the option to create a new EndNote account by clicking on the Sign Up button.

EndNote screen snap

• Once you have your account set up, enter this web address into your browser:

• Login using your account information.

EndNote Screen snap

• From here, select the Downloads tab.

• To install the capture tool you will need to add this to your Bookmarks/Favorites bar – depending on your browser there might be two ways to do this:

EndNote Screen snap

• Drag the Capture Reference button to your Bookmarks/Favorites bar


• Right-click and select Add to Favorites or Bookmark this Link

• Navigate to a website that you would like to cite.

• Click on the Capture Reference bookmark.

• In the pop-up window, make sure to select EndNote.

• You may have to add some information manually.

• In the example below you would want to add the appropriate information to the Author, Access Year, and Access Date fields. You can also do this by using the Edit Reference feature in EndNote.

• Tip: Include a comma at the end of the author field when using an organization’s name. This will ensure that EndNote formats the name properly for in-text and bibliography citations.

• Click on the Save To button and the reference will be added to your library.

EndNote Screen snap

EndNote is a citation management tool that can help you organize your research and save invaluable time creating your in-text citations and bibliographies.

To learn more about EndNote, sign up for one of our classes or schedule a meeting with Daniel Castillo.

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