How long and what can I check out from Miner?

• Book/Theses — 3 months 

• Course Reserve Material — 2 hours*

• Graphic Medicine Collection — 3 weeks

• Laptop, iPad, Charging Unit/Power Supply, Headphones — 6 hours**

*Course reserve material checked out less than 2 hours prior to the Library closing are due back no later than fifteen minutes before close. Some course reserve materials may have a longer loan period, if requested by instructor. 

**Equipment checked out or renewed less than 6 hours prior to the Library closing are due back no later than one hour before close.

Note: Bound journals do not circulate outside the Library.

Do you have computers and where are they?

We have computers available for use and also laptops to borrow. If you have questions please see our friendly staff at the Answer Desk. The Computing Center also has software available for your use. 

Log in with your AD, which is your email login, not your email address. The Computer Center is closed on weekends. 

Am I able to print at Miner?

Printing costs are .10 cents for Black and White and .25 cents for color. Copy cards are available for purchase for $5 if needed. 

Mobile printing: You will need to register your email address before you can print. 

I need an article but the library doesn’t have full text access!

You are in luck!  If we don’t have access to an article, we will reach out to other libraries to get you your articles for FREE. You will need to create an Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) account and then you’re ready to request your articles. 

How do I find articles, books, journals, and more?

The search tabs on the Miner homepage provide focused searches to get you the information you need. This Search Guide will provide more information about how the tabs function and how to navigate your search results  

Stuck and still cannot find what you’re looking for?  Or, do you need an in-depth, comprehensive search? Contact your librarian using our Ask A Librarian service.

Can I access these books and articles when I’m home?

It’s easy! Simply start on the Miner web page. Select the resource you want to use (just click it) and you will be prompted to log in using your NetID or URMC-SH (Active Directory) account information. 

*visiting students may not have access to library resources from home* 

Can I bring food and drink to the library?

You sure can. We know that you work hard and snacks are necessary to keep you going. You are welcome to bring in your own food and drink, but we also have vending machines available in the library.  

Are there quiet places to work?

Miner has something for everyone. We offer collaborative spaces to work together, the quiet reading room, and private study rooms. 

Can I reserve a study room?

You can reserve a study room here:

Select the “Book a Room” option and you can select a time and date that works best for you.

Have more questions?

You can reach out to us through our chat service, Ask A Librarian, or stopping by the Answer Desk in the library. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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