Miner Library is happy to share one of our newest resources; This is an open access method of sharing study protocols. Submitted protocols receive a unique DOI and can be linked directly to publications. Think of it as a platform to share, promote reproducibility, enhance rigor, and engage with the scientific community.

Here is another feature of that is available to our users.

“We are offering a protocol entry service to all University of Rochester members.

You are welcome to send us your protocol in whichever format it’s currently in; our editorial team will import and format your protocol. We will send you the formatted protocol for review and you can publish it at any time.

How it works?

  1. Send us your protocol. Submit your protocol below in whichever format it’s currently in (pdf, word document, google document, etc.).
  2. We enter and check your protocol. Our editorial team will enter the protocol and double check it to make sure there are no errors or typos relative to the document that you provided.
  3. You review the digitized protocol. We will send you the protocol for review. 
  4.  Publish at any time. If all looks good, the protocol will be reassigned to you privately and you will be able to publish it whenever you’re ready.”

Feel free to reach out to Miner Library with questions that you may have!

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